Bucket Test

Before becoming too concerned about a leak you can do a simple test to determine if water loss in your swimming pool is due to a leak or is just evaporation. This simple test is called the bucket test.

Leak Detection

The swimming pool leak detection process involves collecting and analyzing a great deal of information. You should be prepared to provide information about your pool or spa.

Leak Repair

Once a leak has been detected, simple repairs can be made immediately. Repairs on cracks, underground plumbing, or pool equipment will usually involve additional tools and work and will be quoted separately.

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A pool that leaks is a major hassle for any pool owner. Even a minor pool leak can result in excessive chemical usage, high water bills, and the danger of further structural damage to your pool. Most pool leaks even lead to the need for additional renovations, repairs, and liner replacement. Our professional team is specially trained and ready to perform these services and more for your convenience. Our company specializes in residential and commercial pool and spa leak detection and repair in the Los Angeles area. Always using the latest high-tech leak detection equipment, our skilled team has been providing our quality services for over 30 years. If you have performed The Bucket Test and believe you might have a pool leak, contact us.

There are a few things every pool owner should know about fluctuating water levels. Your pool will naturally lose water due to evaporation, splash-out, and backwash wastewater. Evaporation rates can vary due to a variety of environmental conditions, but usually account for about 1 inch of water loss per day. On the other hand, your pool’s water level can rise due to rainfall.

The most obvious symptom of a leaking swimming pool is decreased water levels. Other indications of a leak are excessive algae growth and chemical usage, high water bills, and evidence of water outside of the pool. In these cases, the loss of water may not be as obvious due to an automatic fill device. A leaking plumbing system is indicated by air or dirt being pulled into the pump and blown back into the pool.

The most common pool leaks occur in pool light conduits, main drain joints, and skimmer and pool return piping joints. From damaged underground pipes to structural cracks, the smallest leak is pinpointed by our professional team with the most advanced ultrasonic listening devices. Once the leak is detected, we report our findings to you, our valued customer, and provide a solution to your pool’s leak problem.

As a local business we pride ourselves in our valuable relationships with both residential and commercial Los Angeles customers because we are committed to providing excellent service with professionalism, integrity and a smile!