Light & Main Drain Replacement

Swimming Pool Light Replacement

A swimming pool main drain replacement is an easy task for us, but it can be a regular repair technician’s nightmare,  because they are  not  able to replace  or fix the swimming pool main drain without draining the pool water. A lot of swimming pool owners choose the simple solution of plugging the main drain instead of main drain replacement, which is not a good idea and leads to more problems.  We have all the required gears to dive and  fix or replace your swimming pool’s main drain all year round without draining the water.

Even if your swimming pool main drain is not broken, improper pool and spa drain covers can be extremely dangerous and result in death. Unsafe swimming pool main drains have resulted in children and even adults drowning. The V.G.B. Pool & Spa Safety Act now requires main drain replacement in every public and commercial pool. We offer a large variety of V.G.B.  approved main  drains.

We offer swimming pool light and main drain replacement

We offer swimming pool light and main drain replacement

Swimming pool lights are made of two parts: the light itself with the cable, and the pool light niche which is implanted in the pool wall and anchors the light into the wall. Attached to the back part of the niche is a brass or PVC conduit, used to connect the light cable to the electrical source. If there is a gap between the pool light niche and the wall, a leak will occur. This gap may occur due to a poor seal on the niche after a pool has been newly plastered, or because of age related deterioration. A loose fitting between the light niche and the conduit may also lead to a leak. Such leaks most commonly occur due to uneven ground movement around the swimming pool, and can usually be sealed with an underwater epoxy or a pool light conduit plug. A broken or eroded conduit may also lead to a leak, which can be repaired with epoxy or a flexible putty. In all of these scenarios, our technicians have the skill and expertise required to take care of the repair and make sure your pool is leak-free. Our company does not repair the light (changing bulb, gasket, etc.), we only replace the whole light.

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